Misericordia University
Campus Safety Lost and Found

If you found an item or need to claim an item contact Safety at 6300.

Description of Found Items Date Found Area Found
Texas Instrument TI-84 Plus handheld calculator (Black) I/R #2023-07064 S-2 02/21/2023 Insalaco Hall room 216
cell phone IR#2022-07007 S2 12/21/2022 Parking lot Mercy Hall
IRC-2022-07001/ Cash (S-1) 12/16/2022 Outside the Bell Tower
IR2022-06987 Calculator (S-1) 12/07/2022 Walsh Hall Room #324
I R #2022-06963 Ear Buds S-1 11/16/2022 Room #110 Henry Science Center
Blue Water Bottle - Report Number 2022-06855 S-4 10/05/2022 Shuttle Van 3
Religious Pendant- CR#2022-06852 put in S-2. 10/03/2022 Sidewalk by Mcauley Walsh.
Apple like Air Pods, IR 2022-06821, S-1 09/20/2022 Starbucks, Banks Student Center
Cash / IRC2022-06808 Shelf S1 09/14/2022 Science Parking Lot
2022-06806-S2 Kershaw folding knife, grey, 4"closed, 8"open 09/14/2022 Passan Hall, Room#143
I R #2022-06791 Pill Box with medications Shelf #4 09/08/2022 Alumnae/McGowan Stairwell
Grey Steve Madden wallet IR 2022-06775 Shelf #2 09/01/2022 Banks Student Center
Jere earbuds with charging case IR 2022-06775. Shelf #2 09/01/2022 Lemmond Theater
Clear Safety Glasses & USB Drive IR# 2022-06736, Shelf S2 07/30/2022 bus stop outside Mercy Hall
I R #2022-06693 Silver Key on a silver key ring fond on the sidewalk S-1 05/05/2022 on campus
Pair of Ear Buds - Report Number: 2022-06691 S-2 05/04/2022 Banks Student Center Cafeteria
Black/White Roku Power Cord. CR#2022-06681-S2 04/27/2022 Banks Metz Dinning Hall.
Gold wrist-let 6 inches in length. 2022-06675 (S2) 04/25/2022 Banks dinning area women's rest room
I R #2022-06671 Found Cash (S-2) 04/21/2022 Anderson Sports Center Room #227
1(one) water bottle, clear body/grey top, "Phila.PA 1776" Incident#2022-06669 04/19/2022 Metz Cafeteria, Passan Hall
2022-06660 S1 silver bracelet 04/11/2022 Banks building by Chic Filet
IR#2022-06643 Black/Blue Water Bottle Under Armor (S-4) 03/24/2022 Metz Dining Hall in Banks Student Center
2022-06636 - iPad (black in color) S2 03/12/2022 Insalaco Hall Concourse Area
I R #2022-06633 Ear Phones from a Cell Phone S-2 03/18/2022 Sidewalk along Mercy Hall Parking Lot
2022-06629 Victorias Secret Gift Card Item#2-S2 02/17/2022 Science Bldg
Undisclosed Amount of Money and Set of Keys (S2) 2022-06625 03/03/2022 Desk of Anderson Sports Center
2022-06629 Visa Gift Card Item #1-S2 02/17/2022 Science Building
2022-06629 Black Water Bottle marked "Flavr" Item#3-S2 02/17/2022 Science Building
Silver colored, diamond-like earring IR 2021-06529-S1 11/30/2021 McAuley-Walsh hall, ground floor near the elevator
I R #2021-06485 Woman's Sun Glasses S-3 10/29/2021 Student Success Center
I R #2021-06484 metal water bottle "Mybevi" S-3 10/29/2021 Student Success Center
#2012-06460 Gray,Black,Royal Blue Misericordia Cougars Bag S-#3 10/14/2021 Metz Dinning Room at Banks Student Center
IRC-2021-06455 Green Florida Gator pullover S_! 10/12/2021 Insalaco
IRC-2021-06454 Black MU-PT jacket S-1 10/12/2021 Insalaco
IRC2021-06453 /Grey Yet thermos S-3 10/12/2021 Insalaco
Cash found IR 2021-06392-S2 09/10/2021 Mercy employee parking lot
I R #2021-06366 S-2 Woman's Green Blouse 08/27/2021 McAuley Walsh Hall
IR2021-06359 Item #1 Brown pair of sunglasses with gold trim. Solar Accents. Stored in S2 08/21/2021 Insalaco Hall RM 218
IR 2021-06362 Mens Watch Brown Leather Band S-2 08/24/2021 Sidewalk in Front of Library
IR2021-06359 Item #2 White Misericordia University college of Health Sciences water bottle with silver lid. S2 08/21/2021 Insalaco Hall 218
Sandisk 32GB memory card containing numerous golf photos. S2 I/R 2021-06340 07/28/2021 Anderson parking lot
S2 IR#2021-06275 Apple (White) USB-C (61w) Power adapter w/cord 05/06/2021 Computer lab in Insalaco
IR#2021-06271 purple and white portable cell phone charger. S2 04/30/2021 Common area in Insalaco
2021-06267 Silver colored bracelet with three charms (S1) 04/23/2021 Across from Gildea Hall
2021-06256-S3 Tan Jacket size Small 04/12/2021 Insalaco Hall Second floor Corridor
2021-06246 S1-rose gold ring 03/31/2021 by room 115-Trocaire
#IR 2021-06242 -black metallic water bottle - s1 03/31/2021 Insalaco room 217
IR #2021-06239 Diamond Ring with silver band - S2 03/28/2021 Mc Hale 239 D Bathroom
2021-06232 Lurbon wall charger/power/S1 03/23/2021 Passan Hall Room 335
2021-06226 small silver colored ring with clear stones. Item stored in bin s-1. 03/13/2021 Insalaco Room 216
2021-06221/S1 reading glasses/light brown with black spots. 03/11/2021 in grass near library
I R 2021-06214 Pink Water Bottle S 1 03/05/2021 Insalaco Hall Undisclosed location
I R#2021-06211 White Insulated Coffee Mug S 1 03/05/2021 Insalaco Hall
Water Bottle "Blender Bottle" I R #2021-06198 S 1 02/26/2021 Insalaco Hall unspecified location
small silver hoop ear ring with mini diamonds. 2021-06196/S1 02/25/2021 Banks Cafeteria.
Black Hat and black gloves with neon trim #2021-06163 S3 02/09/2021 Mercy Hall outside saftey parking lot stair case
Incident #2021-06152 S1 Large amount of cash found. 01/30/2021 Alumnae Hall first floor dorms
Black scarf. 2020-06138 S1. 12/19/2020 Mercy hall parking lot
2020-06133-s1 Silver Mug 11/20/2020 Ground floor McCauley Walsh
2020-06130-S1 Grey ID wallet 11/16/2020 Insalaco outside class room 16
2020-06115-S2 - Brinks key 11/03/2020 Anderson Sports Center Lobby
IR 2020-06111 S-1 red 40 oz. plastic water bottle 11/02/2020 room 18 Insalaco Hall.
Women's North Face Vest (Black) Size Medium IR# 2020-06100(S-3) 10/12/2020 Banks Lobby
reddish colored frame eyeglasses 2020-06058 S-1 09/19/2020 MacDowell Hall
Black/Green Muscle Rolling Stick IR2020-06055 (S1) 09/15/2020 Insalaco Hall
Economics Text Book - Fifth Edition (S-1)2020-06049 09/14/2020 Grounds near Library
2020-06026-S1 Silver colored necklace 08/25/2020 Insalaco Hall
2020-06025 S2 Monies 08/24/2020 McHale Hall
2020-06024 S2 Women's diamond ring 08/24/2020 Banks building
2020-06023 S2 Ear buds with case 08/24/2020 Insalaco Hall
2020-06011 S2- Kindle device and power cord 07/27/2020 Metz Fieldhouse
2020-05965 S2- women's wristet 03/03/2020 Lemmond theater
IR.2020-05961 Burgundy Knit Hat with tassel. S1 02/27/2020 Mercy Hall 2nd. floor restroom
key ring with one key and three swipe cards and photo IR 2020-05959 S1 02/25/2020 Room 20 Insalaco Hall
Black vehicle key S-1 2020-05945 02/18/2020 Mercy parking lot
2020-05943-S1 A Yeti Bottle and Electronic Table with rubber frame 02/18/2020 Banks Student Center
White and Grey Calvin Kline Scarf IR#2020-05926. Placed on S1 02/03/2020 InterMetzo Cafe, Insalaco Building
Wire rim eye glasses 2020-05919 S-1 01/28/2020 Mercy 12
2020-05918 S1 Metal water bottle 01/27/2020 Mercy Hall
Multi color knit hat IR 2020-05911 S1 01/20/2020 Mercy Hall, middle stairway